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There’s a first time for everything, I guess, and I feel this particular post has to be in English, as this past weekend has been an entirely anglophone experience for me.

I spent it together with a group of women, most of whom I have never met before, on a lovely houseboat on a Dutch riverside.

Between us, we have gulped down quite a few glasses of wine,

imagewatched the more brave of us skinny dipping in the river, fed the geese and ducks left-over breakfast rolls,


had lunch on one of the smallest of boats going down memory lane with our lovely hostess,

and we have spent endless late night hours by an open fire out on the house-boat deck.

It’s been inspirational. It’s been magical, even, and I feel invigorated and full of energy. Thank you so much, Lysanne!

Now I am back in Murviel all on my own but with all our village friends close by and a whole week (almost) ahead of me. I am at home here.

Back home the Stockholm flat has been emptied


and by next Sunday L, the dog and myself will be west coast residents. The search for a small bolt hole in Stockholm has begun, though, but we are in no hurry. Que sera, sera!